Diabetes Management

ABI is in the process of developing an innovative, technology-driven treatment to address metabolism related diseases such as T1 and T2 diabetes using a pulsatile insulin infusion therapy that mimics the normal pancreas’ functions. Variations of the protocol have already been commercialized in the U.S.

by other entities unrelated to ABI. These procedures have been developed over a period of twenty-seven years and during this time frame, fourteen clinical studies and sixty-five supportive studies and publications have been completed by various sources.

Thus far, the therapy has been a highly safe and effective tool for diabetes management, by addressing the underlying metabolic causes of diabetes in order to halt the progression of and in some cases reverse complications of the disease. It is uniformly effective for treatment of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and has shown to be effective in even the most impaired patients. For the past few years, our Medical Division has sponsored demonstration clinical operations in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and is planning to introduce its own proprietary treatment protocol in Greater China, and eventually in other Asian countries.

ABI has gathered valuable patient data and incorporated modification upgrades to the overall treatment methodology to enhance efficacy and results. We plan to offer an integrated, personalized patient treatment program that includes wellness education and customized nutritional formulations administered by professional physicians. An ABI sponsored demo-clinic was opened in Taiwan in May 2016 to demonstrate the procedure and technology as well as serve as a training facility for medical personnel in the administration of the treatment. Our Medical Division is leading the effort to secure regulatory approval for large-scale deployment of the treatment beginning in Taiwan, then potentially in China. ABI seeks to negotiate arrangements (by license, joint venture, or otherwise) leading to the introduction of this technology into these and other Asian markets.


ABI’s Taiwan branch office is the official Taiwan distributor for TissueAid™, a wound closure product shown to reduce scarring compared to traditional suture. ABI markets and sells TissueAid™ primarily to institutional accounts such as hospitals and to some extent physician groups.

TissueAid™ tissue adhesive is intended for topical application to close wounds from surgical incisions and trauma-induced lacerations. The product is used in conjunction with numerous surgical applications such as nephrectomy, chest, orthopedic, breast and cosmetic surgeries, as well as deep dermal sutures. Once applied, it protects the wound by providing a flexible barrier to prevent microbial penetration as long as the adhesive film remains intact.


  • Synthesized high purity 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate with D&C Violet #2 dye
  • High viscosity formulation increases safety, enhances efficiency, and high flexibility on the skin
  • High strength, sterile, topical skin adhesive made with patented formulation
  • Patented soft dispenser makes it easy and safe to use
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