"In a medical world which is convinced of the value of injectable high dose interferon in many different and important indications, and believes that ingested interferon is destroyed by enzymes and finally eliminated by the kidney, it has taken AMAR's "Fundamentally Better" approach to persuade an ever-growing group of opinion leaders to acknowledge and champion low-dose oral treatment of infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases." Dr. Joseph Cummins, Chief Scientific Consultant.

The following facts clearly and simply support the potential for worldwide acceptance of Amarillo Biosciences' low-dose oral interferon alpha. These facts also state the fundamental differences between injectable interferon and our oral interferon.

Fact one: Low-dose oral interferon alpha is biologically active.

Data from our human clinical trials and our mechanism of action studies show that our low-dose oral interferon alpha is biologically active, has a systemic effect on the spleen, and is clinically beneficial.

Fact two: Low-dose oral interferon alpha is well tolerated.

Clinical trials show no side effects linked to oral interferon. It is patient-friendly and non-toxic.

Fact three: Low-dose oral interferon alpha is easily administered by an orally-dissolving lozenge.

It is not invasive: no IV, sub-cutaneous or intramuscular administration. It acts via oral/sublingual/mucosal absorption.

Fact four: Low-dose oral interferon alpha is economically viable.

A large segment of the world cannot afford expensive medical treatments. Low-dose oral interferon alpha lends itself to the budget constraints of developing countries.

Fact five: Low-dose oral interferon alpha is logistically feasible.

It is low-cost and simple to manage. It is easy to store: no refrigeration is required.

These durable facts are supported with objective data from in vitro and in vivo research, and clinical trials. The data supporting these statements are available in peer-reviewed journals.

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