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  1. Amarillo Biosciences Selects Accelovance for its Next Influenza Study
  2. Amarillo Biosciences Reaches Enrollment Goal in Australian Influenza Phase 2 Clinical Trial
  3. Dr. Manfred Beilharz, Co-Investigator in Australian Influenza Phase 2 Clinical Trial, Interviewed on 6PR Nightline Program Regarding Interferon and Influenza
  4. Amarillo Biosciences’ Phase 2 Australian Clinical Study Of Interferon As A Preventative Agent Against H1N1 Flu Virus And Other Cold And Flu Viruses Reaches Midway Point
  5. Amarillo Biosciences Reports on Research Supporting Use of Interferon
  6. Australian Phase 2 Oral Interferon Clinical Trial Indicates Benefit in Preventing Influenza-like Illness in Older Participants
  7. Dr. Manfred Beilharz to Present Oral Interferon Study Findings at 3rd World Summit of Antivirals in Busan, Korea
  8. Report on Australian Oral Interferon Influenza Study is Submitted and Available Online
  9. Viral Serology Confirms that Oral Interferon Reduces Incidence of Cold and Flu Symptoms in Australian Phase 2 Clinical Trial
  10. Amarillo Biosciences’ Dietary Supplement for Dry Mouth Maxisal Launched in Germany
  11. Amarillo Biosciences to Supply Zydus Cadila, India’s Fifth Largest Pharmaceutical Company, with Dietary Supplement Maxisal for Indian Market
  12. Amarillo Biosciences Releases Corporate Progress Report
  13. Amarillo Biosciences Teams with Colorado Serum Company to Manufacture Immune-Boosting Bovine Protein Extract for Animal and Human Health Markets
  14. Amarillo Biosciences Teams with Animal Shelters to Improve Health and Enhance Immunity of Cats and Dogs
  15. Amarillo Biosciences’ Live Interview Available on
  16. Amarillo Biosciences Appoints Dr. Stephen Chen as Chairman and CEO Dr. Joseph Cummins Remains President and COO
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