Maxisal® is a dietary supplement for relief of mouth and throat dryness. For a list of retailers go here.     

Maxisal® is a dietary supplement containing Salive®, a patented disaccharide called Anhydrous Crystalline Maltose. This unique maltose has been shown in clinical studies to relieve dryness of the mouth and throat.

Dry mouth is simply a nuisance for some people, for others, the condition can cause serious health problems such as oral infections; tooth decay; bad breath; altered taste sensation and difficulty in chewing, swallowing, and speaking. The major causes of dry mouth include:   

  1. Over 400 prescription and other-the-counter drugs.
  2. Age-related deterioration of salivary function.
  3. Medical treatments such as head/neck radiotherapy.
  4. Autoimmune diseases such as Sjögren's syndrome and Scleroderma.

At least 25 million people in the U.S. suffer with some form of dry mouth. People with this condition seek relief by increasing fluid intake, chewing sugarless gum or by sucking on sugarless lozenges. Maxisal® containing Salive® is a new solution to the problem.  Maxisal® promotes oral comfort, helps promote normal salivary function, enhances salivary function and helps to relieve occasional dry mouth associated with aging.*

Clinical data indicate that Maxisal® improves the baseline production of saliva, known as unstimulated whole saliva, in many people experiencing dryness of the mouth. Until the discovery of Maxisal®, temporary relief from dry mouth could only be achieved while the candy or chewing gum was in the mouth, making nighttime relief difficult.

Maxisal® has been shown in scientific human clinical studies to help alleviate the distress of oral dryness and oral discomfort and provide long-term relief. In two studies involving 119 subjects, Maxisal® lozenges administered three times daily for 12 or 24 weeks improved salivary output and decreased complaints of dry mouth, throat and eyes.[1]  In a third study involving 100 subjects, Maxisal® lozenges administered three times daily for 24 weeks improved salivary output and decreased complaints of dry mouth, throat and eyes.[2]  Side effects were minimal, and treatment was without significant adverse events. This safe and simple intervention provides clinical benefit to individuals with distressing dry mouth symptoms.[1,2]

Unlike other products for dry mouth that may produce fast, but short-lived relief, Maxisal® works over time to provide a long-lasting benefit. In clinical trials of Maxisal®, relief of dry mouth was seen after 6 weeks of daily treatment. It is recommended that Maxisal® be taken at least three times per day for at least 6 weeks to experience maximum benefit. A user of Maxisal® should not expect instant relief as chronic problems take time to influence.    

In an unsolicited letter dated February 15, 2002, Helen I., an 80-year-old Sjögren's syndrome patient wrote, "Thank you for Maxisal®. It has done wonders for my dry mouth."

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 Tablet

Serving Per Container: 180




Anhydrous crystalline maltose


†Daily value not established.

Directions: Dissolve one table in the mouth at least three times daily.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

[1] J Altern Complement Med 7(1):33-43, 2001, [2] J Altern Complement Med 8(5):651-659, 2002






























































































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