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ABI primarily operates through three divisions: Pharmaceutical, Medical and Consumer. The Pharmaceutical division leverages our extensive, thirty-year data library by applying the Company's experience in the use of low-dose oral interferon (IFN) to the development of treatments of neoplastic, viral, and autoimmune diseases. With a proprietary archive of over a hundred scientific and clinical data studies on various human and animal applications of low dose oral interferon, ABI seeks to engage in patent licensing and commercialization opportunities with global partners. The Medical division is focused on developing an innovative, state-of-the-art technology to treat metabolism related diseases such as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in Asia, in addition to licensed distribution of surgical wound care products. The Consumer division includes a range of nutraceutical and food supplement products that utilize a unique liposomal delivery system. ABI currently has offices in the United States and Taiwan.

At ABI, we believe that strategic partnerships are critical to successfully launching novel products globally. We endeavor to work with partners in establishing collaborations as well as to develop new ideas and technologies through licensing, joint venture, or otherwise.

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Dr. Stephen T. Chen

Chairman & CEO

Stephen has been a member of the board of directors of Amarillo Biosciences (ABI) since 1996. Under his leadership in 2006, the company initiated and conducted a series of clinical trials reducing the recurrence rate of hepatitis C, resulting in a breakthrough treatment of thrombocytopenia that has led to issuance of multiple valuable ABI patents. On February 22, 2012, Dr. Chen was elected company Chairman & CEO to guide the company’s reorganization and transform the company from a traditional single-business unit into a diversified and globally-integrated healthcare enterprise.

Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy from Purdue University in 1977. He is often regarded as a leading “pioneer” of liposomal delivery systems and recognized for his doctoral dissertation work which broke new ground in the research of targeting drug delivery systems for cancer chemotherapy. His research expertise in drug delivery systems includes microspheres, soluble macromolecules, and liposomes, one of the most widely-used delivery technologies today in nutritional supplements, cosmetic/skincare, and pharmaceutical products.

Bernard H. Cohen

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President

Bernard joined ABI in October 2009. Mr. Cohen brings over 30 years of management experience to the company. Previously, Mr. Cohen was Director of Finance and Data Base Manager at Harrington Regional Medical Center in Amarillo. Prior, he held various executive positions at Colbert’s department store of Amarillo holding the position of CEO, Vice President, Controller, and Personnel Director. Mr. Cohen holds a Masters of Professional Accounting degree (MPA) and a B.B.A. of Business Administration from West Texas A&M University.

Edward L. Morris

JD, Corporate Secretary & Counsel

Edward has provided legal services to ABI since 1984. He graduated from Harvard Law School after earning an undergraduate degree from Yale University. Mr. Morris began his practice in securities law with the Houston firm of Vinson, Elkins in the 1970’s, then returned to Amarillo in 1978, where he engaged in the private practice of law through February 2011.

Board of Directors

Dr. Stephen T. Chen

Stephen was named Chairman of the Board in February 2012 and has been a director of the Company since February 1996 and in addition to Chairman serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. He has been President and Chief Executive Officer of STC International, Inc., a health care investment firm, since May 1992. Dr. Chen has over forty years of international business experience, including an extensive background in pharmaceutical product acquisition and licensing, development of joint venture agreements, execution of business strategy, and leadership of start-up companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical industries. Dr. Chen has held executive positions in R&D and business development at several major pharmaceutical companies, including Burroughs Wellcome (presently GlaxoSmithKline), Miles Pharmaceuticals (presently Bayer), ICI America (presently AstraZeneca), and Ciba-Geigy (presently Novartis). He received a PhD degree in Pharmaceuticals from Purdue University in 1977.

Yasushi Chikagami

Yasushi joined the board of directors in June 2012. Mr. Chikagami holds a B.S. Degree in Agricultural Engineering from National Taiwan University, and an M.S. Degree in Engineering from the University of Tokyo. Mr. Chikagami has principally been engaged in the technology industry during his business career, continues to serve on several boards, and is currently serving as Chairman for Arise Corporation (Taiwan), Good TV Broadcasting Corporation (Taiwan), and ZMOS Technology, Inc. (US).

Daniel Fisher

Daniel joined the board of directors in July 2015. Mr. Fisher is the co-founder, and President of Nano BioMed, Locust Valley, New York. The base technologies are licensed from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The licensed technologies are a drug delivery system for the delivery of nitric oxide. In addition, the company has licensed a magnetic nano drug targeting technology. Mr. Fisher negotiated the license from Einstein, closed the company’s first sublicenses, arranged for investment financing, and developed the business plan. Mr. Fisher, co-founder of BioZone Laboratories, Inc., served as its President for 22 years. Based near San Francisco, California, BioZone specializes in research, development and manufacturing of products utilizing its drug delivery technologies. He was awarded three patents for his work with liposomal drug delivery technology. In addition, Mr. Fisher was president of Equalan Pharma LLC, which marketed GlyDerm professional skincare products to dermatologists and direct marketing companies. Prior to forming BioZone in 1989, Mr. Fisher's experience base included more than twenty years in sales and marketing management positions for consumer and technical product companies, including Dun & Bradstreet, General Foods Corporation and Control Data Corporation. His memberships include being the founding secretary of the Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies. He holds a B.S. in Marketing from San Francisco State University.

Nicholas Moren

Nicholas Moren joined the board of directors in July 2015. Mr. Moren is currently retired. Prior to retirement he was a senior financial executive with several major public companies, including Loral Space & Communications, Inc., Transworld Corporation and Trans World Airlines, Inc. He brings with him extensive understanding and knowledge of a wide range of businesses, and substantial financial expertise and insightful perspectives relating to economic, financial and business conditions acquired during more than 20 years of serving as a senior executive. He received a B.A. in Engineering from Brown University and a M.B.A. from Wharton Graduate Division, University of Pennsylvania.

Edward L Morris

Edward joined the board of directors in April 2018. In addition to his experience as a securities attorney (see “Management”), Mr. Morris has also practiced in the areas of corporate and other business entities, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, and taxation.

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